Wavelab 8 theme

Running WL 11.2 on Windows 10. One one of my computers there is the following themes under Preferences Audio File
Wavelab 8

I really like the WL 8 visuals so how to do I get that onto my Windows machine that currently does not have that option??? Thanks in advance!!!

I am surprised, because normally this theme is always present.
You might copy this folder to the computer that lacks this theme:
\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Preferences\

I don’t recommend using this theme for future WaveLab versions.

Thanks so much. Why are you recommending I not use that theme? Just wondering??? Thanks again.

In the next version, additional customizable colors will be available, and the default colors will cater to both light and dark skins. However, some aspects may not appear optimal with the WaveLab 8 theme. Despite this, customization will always be an option.

Nevertheless, certain colors are not customizable and depend on the current theme, whether light or dark. In some instances, hard-coded colors have been designed to look appealing with both light and dark skins. I am uncertain about their appearance when used with the old WaveLab 8 style.

For this reason, I do not recommend using the old style, although it is neither impossible nor prohibited.

Thanks for the information. Much appreciated…

I would like a mode where for mastering where each song alternates between two colours, i.e. red and blue. I couldn’t see a setting for this.

Check here…

regards S-EH