Wavelab-8 User Manual?

I’m still surprised at the verocity associated with this topic. I for one have no interest in a printed manual, provided the PDF version and contextual help contains sufficient details.

I find it ludicrous that professional people are so taken by this, each to his opinion.and work method I suppose… …jeepers… I haven’t looked at a Cubase manual, now that I think about it since SX…? blimey even forgotten which version… :confused:

In fact why not rather a IOS and Android app instead, containing relevant info, tipps and especially update and corrections would be instantaneous via the appropiate store.
That way if one wants to study on the train/plane/toilet… all you need is your phone/tablet… :bulb:

I don’t think anyone is saying that a ‘printed’ manual is essential - a pdf is fine, but it has to be comprehensive.

The WaveLab 8 manual will be fully renewed, and checked by me too.

Philippe, that is fantastic news! - Thank you.

Fantastic, indeed. :smiley: Bedtime reading material secured.


C.LYDE brings up a few interesting views on this subject. In my experience users/people are different, some always ignore the manual and prefer to either ‘figure it out’ or ask someone close by for help rather than open the manual. I remember a PC at work that had a full set of documentation for the application running on it, and every time someone would be using it, they would ask the experienced users in the area (disturbing them from their work) rather than seek an answer in the book.

Others will not do anything until they read the manual, being afraid of errors if left on their own.

I think the modern analogy is one group jumps first and figures out how they should land on the way down, the other group plans an exit strategy before they even consider jumping…

Not everyone using this software is ‘a professional’, to the delight of the producers of this program, there are many hobbyists that also use WL for their audio production needs. I realize there is an assumption that knowledge of the mastering process exists before the application is used, but in practice I think you have about 20-30% for which the process is new and there is an eagerness to learn to do things the right way given the proper tools.

I purchased WL7 in September of 2012, I was a previous WL5 user and found the manual very helpful, as I work on audio in spurts … 3 months of a project then nothing for a year. I don’t care what it is that you do, if you don’t do it often, especially if it is a complicated process, you will forget some part of the process - especially if they keep moving/changing the interface.

I was extremely disappointed in the quality of the documentation. Not only is it sparse, but it makes claims it cannot fulfill (states that the little info arrow can be used in parts of the interface that it cannot [pop-up modal windows]), or the lack of useful tutorials to teach the process rather than just the function of the feature. To me WL7 is incomplete, and the current publication is a defect that should be fixed like any other bug. I for one would like to see a real set of documentation appear as a WL7 point upgrade. Why should I be forced to pay for something I should have received to begin with? And I say that as someone with a limited income.

I imagine this subject has been discussed at length elsewhere in these forums. But since some have the reaction that accurate and through documentation is not needed, I thought I’d defend the rest of us non-professionals that would sure love to read how to do something instead of coming to the forums repeatedly to find out. Other, competitive products have may ‘demos’ on YouTube these days. I feel like I purchased something from Adobe, where the how-to is delivered as a series of classes each costing about 1/2 of the price of the application. It just should be easier (And yes, I have been reading Everest’s Handbook and Bob Katz’s fine tome on Mastering).

Good technical writers are difficult to find, and many products get rushed to market without the care in documentation preparation included. It is a business after all, and costs are offset by revenue, not by free training.

Remaining hopeful.

That is a very good way of looking at it.

I don’t see that happening now with W8 on the horizon, but perhaps the upgrade path from W7 to W8 should be made very cheap,if not free, for users who did buy W7 (of which I am not one).

Awesome! Now that’s some happy new year news!


Again - each to their own. You obviously understood everything about WL7 at first launch…lucky you.

But I use WL7 daily and despite not needing the manual every day - there were times that the “shock” of WL7 (and getting around in it in the early stages) were a complete PITA without proper, VERY detailed documentation.

Even today - some 2+ years after WL7 - I still do not know how to do many things and in the spirit of being able to work - I just stick with the two workspaces that I know how to use and I never modify anything. Clicking on anything else - simply takes me to a place that I do not want to be.

So a full manual for V8 will be a huge help - to me anyway.


+100. WL7 has been such a pain at times that a low priced (or free) upgrade is exactly the kind of good faith gesture that would go a long way to making the past two years feel a tad better.

Personally - WL7 still feels like a bizarre, unfinished experiment that needed another few months of dev time to polish. Hopefully WL8 sets this right.


Great news! Thanks for letting us know.

Thank you!


Nothing to do with luck, I train my brain… lol

The issue of information, I believe should not be about format, but rather about substance. I would like to see some more information about the technical application of some options. This has been a desire since earlier versions… take the scripting function for instance.
How many of us are able to fully exploit this function without examples or detailed walk throughs?

As for pricing and manual discussions… allow me to offer this perpespective… in my other life , the one which pays for the Wavelab upgrades… haha , I use software x10 the cost of Wavelab…and guess what …no freekin hard copy manuals people!!

That’s exactly what this topic is about. You’re the one bringing up format (again), the rest in this topic are speaking of a real manual - irresepective of format. So, I guess we all agree :sunglasses:

Thank you! And thanks for your help here through the years. Your technical support is a very valuable part of Wavelab.

You keep saying hard copy manuals but no one mentioned hard copy manuals in this thread, just the desire for a full manual.

Long ago I used a DTP software for Atari called Calamus.
Apart from a good printed manual they set up a system where users could create Tips and Tricks pages for discoveries of how to do certain things. Calamus then did a layout similar to how the manual looked and made them available for users to print out on their own.

I checked out the cost to print the manual in b&w from Fed Ex store. It was almost $58 US.

Is there a speculation that Wavelab 8 may be announced on Musikmesse…