Wavelab 9.0.25 update caused the lost of all preferences

I installed the WL 9.0.25 update yesterday in my Windows 7 64 bit machine.

I restarted WL and there were no problems.

Later I exited WL and restarted and WL went through the whole process of importing all the plugins. All my preferences were gone and I had to reset all of them.

I have been using WL heavily for for the past two weeks finishing up some post production work for a bunch of concerts we recorded earlier this month.

Any one else have this problem?

I had the same problem yesterday on OSX Yosemite and had to copy back the preferences from a time machine backup. Of course I have better things to do than dealing with an update killing my preferences.
Furthermore I always get “The VST audio connections are not valid. Check the VST Audio Connections dialog.” after launch. All connections are valid of course, they work and everything is setup correctly.