Wavelab 9.2 Crashes when opening File Dialogue Box

What really bugs me is that my WAVELAB PRO 9.2 fully licenced product is no longer compatible with WIN 10 latest patches. Wavelab 9.2 crashes when Save File Dialogue box opens up, thus losing ALL processed work without saving.
When I told Support, they told me that I had to purchase version 11 with has that bug fix applied.
So that £128 just to fix a bug.
Seriously upset.

Welcome to the forum.

Wavelab up to 9.5 is out of support for quite some time, which means these products will not get any changes or fixes anymore. This is the standard for all software vendors and not a Steinberg issue.

There is a good chance you see more problems in the future just by further upgrading your Windows release, so getting a current release of Wavelab is absolutely the way to go. And it is not just to fix a bug, you also get lots of new features, that were not part of your old Wavelab release.

FWIW 9.5 still works fine on current windows build here. The fact that the crash is only associated with the save as function may mean there’s something else going on.