Wavelab 9.5.2 + AA Ruby = Crash

So where’s the update fix 9.5.30???

Very soon…

Please try now with 9.5.30.


UPDATE 9.5.30 STILL CRASHES UPON RENDERING. Tried using Crimson Aqua and just crashes every time. Tried setting Wavelab to 32 bit processing but still crashes. 9.0 works fine. Wassup??? btw I’m on Win 10 pro

Uninstalled and rolled back to 9.5.15…
Steinberg needs to address this!

According to somebody in the WL Facebook group, this is still an issue in 9.5.30. See attachment:

Yes that was me. The problem was not solved. It wasn’t mentioned either in the change log.

I thought it might be. Kay had asked somebody on here to try Acustica plugins now in 9.5.30 which made me think they tried to fix it but if they did, it clearly didn’t work.

Back on Facebook there are several very unhappy campers and I can’t blame them. We were promised a fix with 9.5.30 and there was none. If I had known Wavelab was this buggy I would not have purchased it a few months back.

I’ve been pretty vocal on here about the 3rd party plugins issue. I’ve tried to get the point across to Steinberg that regardless of whose fault a plugin bug is, it reflects poorly on WaveLab to have so many 3rd party plugin issues in all these years. Before I moved to WaveLab in 2012 or so, I was using Waveburner and Pro Tools for mastering. It never crossed my mind to do plugin beta testing, everything just worked.

When I started using WaveLab, I was quite surprised how many plugin issues there were. I would say that roughly 20% of the plugin issues were something fixable on the WaveLab side, and about 80% of the issues needed (or still need) to be fixed by the plugin developers.

I’m now on the beta team for probably close to a dozen plugin developers because when a plugin I like to use has an issue in WaveLab, I usually report the issue to the developer, only to find that they don’t really test in WaveLab (only Cubase) so then they try to fix the issue and send me a beta version and usually it’s solved in a relatively short amount of time. I see their reason to point blame at the plugin developers in some cases but when there is such a high number of plugins and new plugins that time and time again have issues, this has to be a red flag that something needs to be done differently.

Unless Steinberg makes an effort to do some outreach and create better tools for plugin developers to properly code and then TEST their plugins so that even in WaveLab we don’t see these consistent issues, the best course of action as the WaveLab user is going to be to reach out to the plugin developers directly to see if they’ve tested their plugins in WaveLab specifically. If it’s a reproducible and serious issue, it should indicate that they haven’t really tested WaveLab and maybe you can convince them to do so. I can see why some users of WaveLab would not want to be doing this on a regular basis but I value WaveLab’s workflow and features so much that for me it’s worth the time and effort that I put in.

I don’t know anything about plugin coding but I get the sense that it’s possible to create a plugin that will be stable in Cubase, but not in WaveLab. Whose fault it is apparently debatable but I do think Steinberg should do some outreach to make the plugin developers less fearful, annoyed, and confused by VST3 because I’ve heard from more than one plugin developer that VST3 is not something they consider a great format to code for. As I’ve said before, when a new plugin is released, I expect it to fail in WaveLab and if it doesn’t, it’s miracle. At this time I feel that at least half of the new plugins I try (particularly from smaller companies that have just a few plugins) don’t work right in WaveLab at first.

This is likely why Sonnox took so long to release VST3 versions of their plugins, and why Universal Audio (who have a high standard of quality in my opinion) still have not released VST3 versions of their plugins.

Some problems that were reported with Ambisonic, Eventide, Audiocation, were solved in 9.5.30.
I was told the problem with Acustica plugin was solved, but someone recently denied this.

VST-2 is an old format which has ambiguities in its specifications. Therefore all plugins don’t behave the same.
VST-3 is a more reliable format (though more complex for the plugin writer)
Therefore, it is recommended to use VST-3 plugins.

This being said, the issues reported recently will be checked.


9.5.30 with Acustica Audio Ruby still crash… I can confirm. Wavelab just close when render button is pressed otherwise it works. The same in 32/64 plug-in processing.

I could try today and confirm. But the problems happens inside the plugin. The Acustica company will be notified.

Thanks… Ruby and Pink for sure…

WL 9.5.30 still crashes when rendering if Acustica-Audio Aquamarine is loaded… :frowning:

As already mentioned, the Acustica company has be notified. This is not WaveLab that is crashing: this is the plugin that crashes, and then that makes WaveLab crashing.

Thanks PG, I hope they fix it, Aquamarine is my favourite mastering compressor so I would like to use it in WL.

Hi PG,
What I see in my system is that after v.9.5.15, all my Acustica plugins will crash the program on render.
If it is the plugin that crashes, why then this doesn’t happen in Wavelab 9.5.15 ?
I mean that the only change in the system is about the last Wavelab updates.

The ball is in the camp of Acustica to answer this question. But a difference, is that under 9.5.15, the Acustica operates in 32 bit float samples, while in 9.5.30, it operates in 64 bit. I guess their problem is there.

I understand, thanks.