Wavelab 9.5.20 no CD drive found

I have 2 LG DVD burners purchased this year in my Windows 10 x64 machine. With Windows 10 and 3rd party applications (Nero, CD Architect, ect) I can burn audio CD’s to each LG DVD burner without issue and fast. I have a montage created and when I click on render write audio CD or DDP there is no DVD burner in the drop down. The only thing I can do is write a DDP image. Wavelab Pro 9.5.20 does not see my DVD burners. Is there an approved list of DVD burner drives for Wavelab?


Your DVD drives should work, but Wavelab uses the Gear drivers for CD on Windows and the Gear drivers are probably not installed correctly.

Use GearAspiCheck64 on this page to check if the drivers are installed correctly.

If the check says they’re not installed correctly, reinstall the drivers from here:

If after that, the drivers are still not installed correctly (which sometimes happens in cases like this), use the GearAspiRemover on the first page (follow the insructions given during the removal process - it requires two reboots), and then run the driver installer from the second page again.

Your DVD drives should be plugged in and turned on when running all the checks and installs.

I had to remove the drives within device manager then remove ATA Channel 0 and 1. Restart to allow the windows driver to load. I could see the new drives within device manager. I ran the the the GEAR driver again then restarted then ran the GEAR checker which showed successful driver installation. Launched WaveLab Pro 9.5 and now it sees both of my LG drives. Thanks bob99.

This is not an uncommon problem and should be avoided by Steinberg itself… or at least mentioned in the help files.