WaveLab 9.5.50 update available

Dear Forum members,

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new maintenance update for WaveLab Pro, Elements and LE, version 9.5.50.
As always, this version includes several improvements as well as resolving issues in different areas of the application .

Please note that this update will not be supported on macOS 10.11 El Capitan! If you are running WaveLab 9.5.40 on El Capitan, do not install this update!

Also worth pointing out is that the DDP Player will no longer be included with the WaveLab installer but will be available for free via the Steinberg Download Assistant and from the website in the near future.

The update is now available for download from the Steinberg website and via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

For detailed information, please read the corresponding version history on the download page.

All the best,

Mind-blown by this update! :slight_smile: Suddenly a lot of spectral in WaveLab, wow! This 9.5 could have been named 10 imo.

It was however extremely hard to download and install. Now that I have done that I’m finding it just as hard to buy! Are you guys not interested in selling your software anymore? I’m completely at a loss here. What’s the price? How do I pay?

UPDATE: Had too google “Buy WaveLab 9.5” and found this page: https://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/buy_product/product/wavelab-pro-95.html. Trying / testing.

UPDATE 2: Bought and installed finally. :slight_smile: Very nice price!

I installed the update yesterday (previous version 9.50.40 which was working just fine) and since then I’m experiencing serious lagging in audio montage. Is there any way I can revert to the previous build?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re on Windows you can uninstall the 9.5.50 update, and that will revert you to the version you previously had (in your case 9.5.40)

If you’re on Windows 10, put “control panel” in the search box, then go to:
Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Installed Updates,
and you can uninstall the 9.5.50 update from there.

Thanks so much mate, that did the trick!

I’m using a Windows 7 computer and have a letter from the school I teach at, can I still buy an educational version that works on windows 7. My previous version was Wavelab 7.