Wavelab 9.5 Analogue signal chain and Sonarworks

Hello …I have an issue with Sonarworks plugin I am using on the playback as I am just starting to master through an analogue chain. I am routing my file to be rerecorded out of 2 outputs of Wavelab to my analogue gear and routing the analogue gear back to 2 recording inputs of Wavelab. The issue is that the Sonar works on the playback Processing is altering the audio of the file before it goes to the analogue chain and it need to be on the playback of the record side so as not to affect the new recording.
I still need to monitor the Sonarworks to understand the over all effect on my speakers of what I am doing to the file with the analogue chain but I do not need it to be rendered in the recording as the file plays out to the analogue chain. Can you explain how I might avoid this and place the Sonarworks plugin on the playback of the recorded side in real time.