Wavelab 9.5 and hyper-threading technology

Hi, with the upgrade from wavelab 9 to 9.5 , I have noticed that, the hyper-threading technology is not more supported!
Before When I created a processor batch, I could see 8 logical processing with my 4 core cpu, and now only 4!
Is it a my mistake or is it a bug? Can you help me?

This is a wanted option reduction. This does not mean hyper-threading is not more used.
Simply, it was misleading to have an option that induces to think it is faster to execute 16 tasks in parallel, in a 8 true core system.
IOW, the total process time is faster using 8 true cores, than 16. Hyper Threading can be understood as a way to optimize each true core.

I have 8 threads, And usually in WL id use all but 2. And before this new update, processing on 6 threads seemed FASTER than my 4 true cores