WaveLab 9.5 Announced But No Plugin Automation

…I would have thought this the single most pressing issue. I still have to go back to Cubase to pre-master before mastering in WaveLab. I sure hope this makes an appearance in v10.

Haha, I also checked for this feature in the first place, but sadly not implemented. I bet they think automation is not needed for mastering:)

I master in Nuendo 8, gives me all the freedom I need:)

I recall, however, that since WaveLab 9, there is the possibility to automate the level of the plugins’ wet signal, for clips.

This is not enough, mastering engineer needs to automate plugin parameters, releases, attacks or compression or limiter etc

This is right. I just wanted to recall that WaveLab is not without any automation.

Yeah I remember it has some. Will you try to implement full automation on plugins?


Full plug-in automation would be a great addition.

Nice idea, especially for Montage mixing.

OK PG, I will rephrase: WaveLab has no useful/comprehensive/absolutely essential automation for everyday mastering tasks. It’s so frustrating because the v9 overhaul was so nice, but it’s still unusable!

I would like to see plugin parameter automation as well but only if it’s 100% stable with 3rd party plugins and if it can be done on clip FX, montage track FX, and montage output FX.

Global master section plugin parameter automation seems a bit more tricky to implement since the global master section is separated from the actual montage but I’m sure most users would like to see it.

+1 for plugin automation, +100 for PG is awesome

Nice the 9.5 Wavelab, but what about some plug-in automation where a lot of people are asking for since a long time? It would be so more creative to do what I have in mind and do it in Wavelab instead of a different DAW.

Everyone including PG agrees that it would be nice for WL to get plugin automation, so there’s no real discussion here.

Let me ask this: Are there any plans of making this automation wish happen in WL9.5 or not?

Not for 9.5. For later.

A fake discussion? Of course there’s a real discussion, I’m having it! Too many major updates without this essential feature…

You seem to be talking to yourself, that’s not a discussion. Everyone agrees plugin automation should become available and PG has already agreed and indicated when it can NOT be expected.

And, what may be an essential feature for one can be totally irrelevant for others. Apparently many current users have done pretty well on WL without plugin automation up to now.

To be constructive on this topic, and help about a future support, it would be good to hear accurate cases where you need this feature when using WaveLab. That is, when clip plugin support and plugin send automation is not enough for your needs.

Wow, bizzarre responses from you guys. Talking to myself? Please clarify. You’ll see plenty of other posters on this thread responding, and agreeing. And you’re responding too. Honestly PG I can’t understand why you’re now asking for ‘accurate cases’ when the argument you and Arjan are presenting is that you have agreed to implement the feature anyway.

Ask yourselves why Cubase has plugin automation. Can you imagine cutting a track into multiple tiny slices in an effort to automate a notch filter for taming resonances? What about riding a compressor threshold? The list goes on and I’m genuinely surprised that you wouldn’t understand the benefits (even though you say you’ll implement it?).

It’s great that many current users have done pretty well. I have to go back to Cubase to deal with the fine detail. I’d prefer to do it all in WaveLab, just as well I own both.