Wavelab 9.5 crash when exporting

Hi everyone, I’m trying Wavelab 9.5 for a week, and today I tried to export a master, but every time I press export, the software closes instantly.
Anyone experience that?
I was near to buy it before 26 April for the 40% discount… but now I’m a bit confused :neutral_face: :frowning: :open_mouth: :question:

every time I press export

You mean “Render”, not “Export” ? This is how you should do.
Did you try with another plugin(s). Does playback work?

Are you using any Acustica -Audio plugins? Aquamarine, which I have, causes WaveLab to crash instantly when rendering (hitting the Start button).

Hi Mauri, thanks for your reply.
I’ve figured out it was for Fabfilter pro-Q on a clip, I replaced it with Steinberg compressor and now the rendering work.

Fabfilter Pro-Q VST3 should work ok on a clip. The crashing is an old problem with Pro-Q VST2.4 (and Pro-MB VST2.4) in Wavelab montage inserts. That might never get fixed since the VST3’s work ok there.

(the Fabfilter VST2.4 plugins shouldn’t crash in the Wavelab Master Section. They never did before. It was only when they were used in the montage that they crashed, and that was “solved” by using the VST3 versions instead in the montage.)

I’m glad you got it sorted! :slight_smile: