Wavelab 9.5 DDP Export error (CD Length)

Hello there!

I have a serious problem with exporting in my Wavelab project.
I need a DDP file for my client next week, but i have this error when i am trying to make a DDP:

“The CD is too long (according to what is set in the CD Settings dialog).”

The total length is 78 minutes, that’s perfect for a CD… but there is a limit somewhere in the program?
I searched and tried everything, but i can’t find the problem!
This is ‘CD 2’ for the client, CD 1 exported perfectly, length was 71 minutes.

I hope someone can give me the tip or trick that i need, to export this DDP for the client tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Besides, i found a older topic, but that tip didn’t work out for me, still the error.



Wow, it’s working like a charm right now, weird that i didn’t find that option in the global settings, i missed it completely.


FWIW, it might be time to increase the default CD time to 80 minutes in WaveLab.

In my experience, any CD manufacturers will make you sign a waiver form if the CD is over 74 minutes anyway, so no need for WaveLab to be the police and have the default be set to 74 minutes.