Wavelab 9.5 Export > File Name Space Bar Issue

Has anyone else been experiencing a weird bug when using the space bar while typing a file name for export?

Whenever I hit the space bar (if my cursor is at the end of a text string) the cursor will jump to the beginning of the string. In order to put a space character in a file name, I have to type everything without spaces and then go back and enter the space characters.

It happens to me on Windows 10. Haven’t checked on my Mac yet.

Follow these steps: with a file open in your edit window, click File, click the Export tab, type something in the “Name” field followed by a space. Now if you continue typing, the characters will start populating at the beginning of the string you entered prior to hitting space.

You are right, this is a bug. The solution is to type fast: enter space then any letter quickly.
The problem is that WaveLab does not allow a space at the end, but does not give you enough time.

Yoinks! :facepalm:

Any ideas if this bug is in the backlog for fixing?

Any ideas if this bug is in the backlog for fixing?

I can’t say. But it will.

So I’m not the only one :slight_smile: I typed this five minutes ago, ready to post as a bug: This one is small, but flower annoying: In the render clip dialogue in the Montage, in the file name field, the cursor keeps jumping back to the start position. In other words, if I want to input “05 songX remaster”, I end up with “mastersongX 05 re” or simething similar. I have absolutely no idea why this happens, but I know I don’t like it. Anybody else get this?

I’ll start using underscores then, but it’s rather silly. Really looking forward to a fix :slight_smile:


I just encountered this for the first time because I usually copy and paste, or select file names, and I render with the render button in the Master Section (but that has the same problem anyway if typing). But I don’t think the problem happens if you use the Render tab at the far right end of the ribbon. I don’t particularly like using that, but you might try it if you want a temporary workaround.

Ah, interesting workaround. I will try that tonight. I have a similar workflow to yours and thus far have been using PG’s trick of typing (in this case ctrl+v) immediately after pressing the space bar. I’ll probably break the space bar on my keyboard soon if this doesn’t get fixed. :wink:


same problem here with Windows 7


I just updated to 9.5.35 last night and the first thing I encountered was this ridiculously annoying problem! WTF?!