Wavelab 9.5 lags when clicking record

Wavelab 9.5 lags when clicking record. I get the revolving wheel for a few seconds, sometimes much longer. Whole screen greys out with the message program not responding. Using a self built PC with 8mb of ram and an RME soundcard.

What about playback?

You may need to add some more memory – I haven’t seen computer like that in 30 years :slight_smile:

Didn’t think it was lack of RAM - Wavelab 9.5 is the only program running on this PC. Just does mastering. Might be an issue with Windows 10 because the RME HDSP 96/32 runs in a PCI slot… Thanks for your comments.

I was just trying to be funny - you wrote ram as “8 megabytes”, not “8 gigabytes”… I’m assuming you meant 8gb, as no modern computer would only have 8mb of ram.

To be more serious, what’s your latency set at in the RME driver? You have Wavelab set to use the ASIO driver?

What about playback?

What virus software are you using? I just had a similar problem with WL after I installed AVAST. Just a suggestion. Hope you find the solution. I am running WL on its own computer with 20 GB of RAM, All SSDs, a gaming mother board and Windows 7 Pro. FWIW

Sorry for the typo toader, yes, I meant GB. it doesn’t hesitate on playback. I’m using the asio driver, and I have the RME buffer size at 512MB. I don’t see a latency setting in the RME control panel. Up until a few months ago everything was running smoothly by the way. I have basic AVG virus software. Thanks for your interest and help.