Wavelab 9.5 on MacOS monterey

Hi Guys, I know its not on the compatible list, but can anyone tell me if they’ve successfully got 9.5 (and RX7 if you use that too) on MacOS monterey?

I still use occasionally use 9.5 depending if another editor hasn’t upgraded and need to be interchangable

I don’t particularly think I’d have any issue with RX9 & WL11 on monterey,

but I would miss having WL 9.5, and really miss the multi batch converting on RX7 enough that I won’t upgrade if it doesn’t run (or run well enough) until I really have to

Just to add, im on a late 2019 intel not an M1 chip

I’m using WL 9.5 on Monterey. Some problems with the effects window fold/unfold not working properly. Very frustrating.

From what I can tell, WaveLab 9.5 is not compatible with Monterey so quirks like this are not unexpected.

WaveLab 9.5 is rather old now.