Wavelab 9 crashing on 24-bit 96 kHz flac file

Just for fun I tried playing a standard flac file with 24-96 audio. From an online album I purchased from HDTracks.com. As soon as I press the play button Wavelab 9 freezes and crashes in the end. Other file types are playing fine. (I didn’t try all of them however). Odd thing is that the same flac file plays fine on Wavelab 8.5 which is still installed on my PC.

Anybody with the same experience?

Mac or Windows? Did you try a Flac file from another source? Did you also try a standard 96k file?

My computer is a windows 10 PC.
I tried several files from my collection. Among others the HD version of Mozarts clarinet concerto by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. As a “soundcard” I use the Asio4All plugin. I looked somewhat further into it and this plugin appears to be the problem because when I switch to the standard Windows MME sounddriver it playes just fine. I didn’t try it with my external soundcards yet.

Strange thing is however that these HD audio files play perfect in Wavelab 8.5 with the Asio4All plugin active. So something has been changed…

It is not a big problem for me but maybe you like your program to be perfect :slight_smile: