Wavelab 9 - how to merge clips in Montage

Hi, I have a 3 hour recording (stereo) to chop up into separate wav files, im using audio montage for this…

Ive split the tracks where i need, and named the clips but I need to merge some splits and cannot find a merge option.

(the original files are 2gb split wav files, and some songs go across the split)

So if i put 2 clips right next to each other how can I glue/merge them to 1 clip?


p.s awesome work on Wavelab 9!

A clip in WaveLab is always an uncut segment inside a single file. Hence glueing is not possible.
However, you can glue clips by using the super clip option (the clips are replaced by a sub-montage).

Hi PG, yep that did it! Many thanks! & congrats on the release, its astounding:)