Wavelab 9 Meta Normalizer Improvement

Thanks for the feature update PG. I only just noticed the factory preset “All Clips Same Loudness and Below 0db Peak”, which works like the old meta-normalizer in Wavelab 6 and Wavelab 7.


Actually the preset doesn’t work like Wavelab 6 and 7 if all of the clips are at low level. The clips are not brought up near 0db like with 6 and 7. I got around that by using LUFS instead of Loudest Clip here:


That does work like 6 and 7 in all cases.

Could something like that be added as a single step in the Wavelab 9 meta-normalizer?

It doesn’t work to just change Loudest Clip to LUFS in the current Wavelab 9 preset. It needs all the other stuff.

Excellent suggestion. I would like to see this also.

I note the idea, yes.