Wavelab 9 pro hanging on opening

When I try to open wavelab after working on a master for a couple of days and it hangs, just a beachball spinning. I tried to open an empty session now with the same result. I believe this may be related to a wavelab crash when I was using DMG audios Equallibrium plugin. Wavelab acts up occasionally when using this plugin. I made the mistake of trying to resize the plugins window to full screen and wavelab crashed and I lost dwork up until my last autosave.
Is there a way to get wavelab to open and not load the mastersection? This may not be the issue but I think it is related to this plugin and that is what was in the master section when I last worked.
Thanks. Also - thanks for fixing the issue with Phoenix Surround! Great to get service like this when you have a problem from the guys who write the program directly, really appreciate it PG.

Mac OSX 10.9.5. wavelab pro 9

Try this: launch WaveLab and immediately press, and keep pressed, Control (Command on Mac).

Having this problem in wl 9.5.030 with montage with combo of mp3 and audio wave files 44.1. Came across this hack. Works great. now my question is why?

Ooo, gatekeeper.