Wavelab 9 Pro - Left and Right Colors

Wavelab 9 Pro - Left and Right Colors

Hello Steinberg,

In Wavelab 9 Pro in all visiual metering, it is not possible to choose colors for Left or Right Signals.
You can only set them together as one color. I would lik eto make Left = RED and Right = Blue.
But that does not seem to be possible in any kind of metering.


AAMS Author

IMO, too many colors could make thing confusing.
(and up to 8 channels can be displayed).


I am just only asking for 2 colors…

For >2 channels, there could still be just two colours, used alternately to help guide the eye - a method that’s often used in forums, for instance, to separate posts visually.


Take the level meter: there are 3 colors per bar (according to the level). Doubling that would make 6 colors… that’s too many IMO.


I think you do not understand, i only want the Left channel to be with diffrent colors then the Right Channel.

Maybe I don’t understand, but I repeat what I said, in other words:

The left and right level meter bar have 3 colors (according to the level). If the colors are different for left and right, 6 colors will be needed.

Please show a screenshot, if you think I don’t get your point.


Interesting, i will take a look at the options again, maybe i am mistaken.
I will inform you later.