WaveLab 9 suggestion(s)

As I’ve been using WaveLab 8 for some time now I’ve become familiar with what features I like, what plugins I prefer to use and so on…Today I came across a listening technique I could not do but tried to find a way to solve my problem before posting.
Would it be possible for Steinberg to create a virtual mixer plugin that acts as an EQ plugin (i.e. EQ30 EQ10 plugins) but offers the additional option to work as a mixer; for this reason: I want to be able to solo an individual track like I would on a mixer but using the 30band or 10band eq. Ideally, lets say I’m listening to a sound that has an issue and I want to find where the problem is, for me I might want to solo the variable frequency range instead of using another plugin to narrow the problem frequencies.
If this 30band mixer plugin was possible that would be great.
The plugin wouldn’t necessarily need a master track or bounce section or anything that a mixer has I just think there should be a way to have an EQ plugin that provides the user the option to solo the band of frequencies that one is targeting for more focused listening to then decide where to go from there in the mixing mastering music making process.

p.s. I used the neve and Yamaha plugins as a trial and I really didn’t like them.
I prefer the Steinberg plugins to use inside Steinberg.

Also, could you update the legacy noise reduction plugin that Steinberg makes.

Do you mean add a solo button to each band of the EQ30?