Wavelab 9

I saw on another forum that WL9 is going to be out next year. What can we expect from the upgrade?

We are far from this, and traditionally we don’t say anything on the topic!
Simply, some hard work is taking place… as always in fact.

Or almost nothing…

This might be a hint.

I have an idea for WaveLab9. Your company could add the Gracenote service so that I can stop using Sony Sound Forge or Nero or Roxio.

Why? AFAIK WL uses FreeDB instead.

What would be great is if Wavelab 9 could submit the data from a DDP or montage to Gracenote.

I have discussed this with HOFA as well but they say it’s too expensive for a small company to license the Gracenote software for thier products.

What are the advantages of Gracenote over FreeDB?

I think we’re talking about two different things. The way Wavelab recognizes an audio CD is fine, but what would be nice if there was a Gracenote tool within Wavelab that would let users submit an album info TO Gracenote database from a DDP image or the montage itself after a master is finalized.

Right now, it seems the only way to submit data to Gracenote is to have a physical copy of a CD and submit it via iTunes. This is not something I offer my clients because I don’t have time to make physical copies of everything I master and type in all the info. I leave clear instructions on how clients can do it themselves.

It would be nice if Wavelab could upload the needed data to Gracenote without the need for a physical copy or re-entering data.

I don’t believe that iTunes uses FreeDB and I would say a large majority of my clients are often concerned how iTunes will recognize their CD. That’s really the main advantage of Gracenote of FreeDB.

According to this:


there are 3 programs that support Gracenote submit: iTunes, Winamp, and QMP.
They’re all free. Winamp supposedly reads CD Text, and has a Mac version, but I’m not sure it’s status because it has a new recent owner, and the player is not yet available on their site, only the previous version on CNET. I can imagine Apple has plenty of money for license fees, but the other two, I don’t know. Especially for programs that are free, could it really be that expensive?




Gracenote licensing fees are not cheap (as I understand it) - that’s mainly the reason most apps stay away. And I would not want to pay extra for Wavelab to cover this fee - since I would never use Gracenote in WL.

Best to offer it as a paid addon so those that need it - could take advantage - but they need to pay for it.


Yes, it seems to be expensive to license the Gracenote software. HOFA has mentioned that Gracenote is looking at ways to make it more affordable for smaller companies.

I would pay extra for the Gracenote licensing add-on within Wavelab if it meant I could submit album info with one click and no physical medium involved.

It’s something I’d like to offer my clients because it seems like an important thing to most clients, but I’m not willing to spend time making a CD-R and entering all the data via iTunes. For that, I send clients detailed notes for them to do themselves.

Good idea Bruce. I don’t think it’s fair to saddle every user with a license fee many will never use. As a pro user who has to maintain all kinds of weird things anyway, I’d find a way to pay for such an add-on, and not be upset over it not making the standard kit. The apps that contain this functionality come from companies with deep pockets and self-interest on the fan-side. I use iTunes for this now, but would prefer to pay a few bucks for a more feature-rich WL add on.

Clayton, I thought you were talking about Gracenote read only. But looking it up, all those programs do Gracenote submit as well, which is probably what you were talking about. Sound Forge, Nero, Roxio Toast and Creator. And one more free one I found, Sony Media Go. Now if somebody can just do it without a CD. Although rewritable CD would probably be useful for this.


according to plan WaveLab 9 will be out 2015, but not early 2015 (WaveLab 8.5 was only released mid of 2014).


Id love to see dark design of Wavelab 9 like Cubase or Nuendo is. Also possibility to use Cubase native plugins in wavelab if you have licence. There are newer Multiband compressor and multi band envelope shaper for example.

You must mean 2016. Unless we get a release in two or three weeks?


That was written a year ago…

Ah - yes of course!


It would be desirable in 9 Wavelab versions, to see buttons of separate on/off of channels of the stereofile as it is realized, for example in Samplitude or in Soundforge.

indeed, but he did say 2015… we are almost done with 2015 and it’s been a long long time since 8.5…

An update on when to expect 9 would be appreciated