Wavelab adding silence to end of rendered tracks

I use Wavelab for mastering. Anytime I bounce a track, Wavelab is adding around 30 frames of silence to the end of the track. Why is it doing this and is there a way to stop it? I don’t see a setting for it. I’ve been using Wavelab for at least 15 years and I don’t recall it ever doing this before.

Wavelab Pro 10.0.70

I think more info is needed. Are you really using the “bounce” feature in the Audio Montage, or are you rendering files?

Usually things like this are caused by a 3rd party plugin. If you do the same steps without any plugins, does the problem go away?

One of the rendering options is to “Add Reverb Tail”. This is a generic term and could be adding extra time to the end of your files based on reported latency and info from a 3rd party plugin.

All said, I think more info is needed about your bouncing or rendering steps as there are many ways to work within WaveLab.

Thanks for the reply, Justin. It would appear the “Add Reverb Tail” option was checked. Not sure how that happened, since I’ve never used it before and have always had it unchecked. It may have been turned on accidentally, or because of an update. :man_shrugging:

It’s normally not an issue. However, today I had a client who had a two-in-one song that I had to cut into two halves, master each half separately, and then put them back together, but the added silence was complicating the process of putting them back together seamlessly.

Thanks for your time. :pray:

No problem. I still suspect that maybe a 3rd party plugin was reporting some bad info to WaveLab and causing the extended tail.

Either way, glad you found it.