WaveLab and fixed limits


this is more of a general topic: I know that PG often introduces fixed limits for things like e.g. 4 additional VST folders or 10 clip effects at maximum.

Being a mid-aged software developer myself and considering the fact how long PG and also WaveLab is in business, I can understand this style of design. It probably comes from the era where computer resources were quite limited.

However, from a user perspective, these limits often make things unnecessary difficult. Of course, sometimes such limits have a technical justification, so, not all limits are avoidable. However, for example, I just needed an 11th clip effect for a mastering, but WaveLab limited me to 10, which is very frustrating in such situation.

Therefore, I would like to ask PG to revisit all data structures with an upper boundaary, and, whereever possible, replace them with more dynamic ones.

I am fully aware that this is not done in an afternoon or two. Maybe, it can’t be achieved fully in a single release cycle. However, these fixed limits, especially when they feel arbritary, are quite a big frustration potential in WaveLab, and it would be very helpful to get rid of them as much as possible.

Thanks for your consideration.