Wavelab and mac m1

I would appreciate some info about a plan of releasing Wavelab for Apple silicon m1 computers. Preferably a target date or else just a confirmation that it is being worked on. Thanks.


check here in mean time…

regards S-EH

Thanks S-E. So at least there is an intention to work on m1 at some point. Looking forward to it!

I was told WaveLab already runs fine on this machine, even if WaveLab is not native Silicon

Thanks PG1. That’s promising. I tried Wavelab 9.5 with Rosetta 2 on my Macbook Pro with m1 and there were error messages about the license. I used an adapter to USB-A with the dongle attached. Best case it is possible to solve, as you hear about a more successful attempt.

It can be that you need the newest dongle/key the shorter one of eLicenser
I had that problem with Dorico, it can be a combo of new hardware
and software…

regards S-EH

Aha, that could be a good hint with the other type of dongle! For completeness, here are the two error messages I got with Wavelab 9.5 and MacBook pro m1:

eLicenser POS Error Message

File Synsoacc.bundle could not be located in the Application Support folder

eLicenser POS Error Message

File Synsoacc.bundle does not have the expected interface

Wavelab 9.5 now runs on my Macbook pro with m1 using Rosetta2. I so far didn’t expore it much, just tried to load a two-hour wav file and play it back, that worked. The creation of the peak file took quite some time so we’ll see how it feels performance-wise when I start working with it for real.

I had previously made a mistake, I had forgot that I need to install the eLicenser software, it’s not included when just installing Wavelab. Before realizing this, I had purchased and tried with a new short dongle. I have not tested if it also workks with the old dongle.

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Do you have any news?

No news as of now. Getting the pieces together to support my workflow on Mac with m1. It seems the different softwares will run with some upgrades but I don’t know how long it takes until soundcard drivers (MOTU with Firewwire) become available.

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