Wavelab and Nuendo

I’m using Nuendo and starting in Wavelab. My need is twofold: 1) to use Wavelab as Nuendo’s external editor and 2) to edit voices in Wavelab from several tracks, for example from an XML file exported by Nuendo and imported into Wavelab.

I can’t manage either 1) The file to be edited by Wavelab in Nuendo crashes Wavelab, and 2) When importing a multi-track XML file, Wavelab gives a message that the session is not correct.

Any help would be appreciated!

(I have Wavelab 10, but demo version 11.2 does the same thing).

P.S. In fact, I realize that Wavelab itself chooses an audio driver that makes it freeze. It’s Asio Sonarworks Thunderbolt. But I don’t know how to remove it. As soon as I go to the audio preferences, Wavelab crashes and closes.

Try reading this folder:
\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 10\Presets\Audio Connections

Else, if you really need to disable a driver, look in the registry at this key:

WaveLab will try to load these drivers.
You could try to temporarily remove these keys to see if that changes something.
One solution is to erase the CLSID variable.
Later, whether you paste the values again, to restore the info. You could also reinstall the drivers.

Many thanks PG1. I reinstalled my UAD and Nuendo driver and it worked. But I keep your solution as a note. The problem can probably come back and it will be more accurate as an action.

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