Wavelab and Sample rates

Trying to troubleshoot some sample rate data issues occurring in my audio setup.
Ive have no idea whether they may be OSX CoreAudio related or in the audio programs or files themselves.

Does Wavelab read sample rate data from the OSX system files when opening to try to match at startup? Do .WAV files contain sample rate info in their headers?

Any pointers would be helpful.


Of course.

What is your exact problem?

An odd one to do with a new audio interface Tascam PortaCapture X8.
The new device may well have a fault but Im having a hard time confirming it.
It has 8 input and 2 outputs and connects via USB.
When connected it shows up as an audio interface OK in Mac Audio - Midi setup.
Wavelab sees it OK on its startup screen.
First issue noted was that if the PCX8 is set to 44.1 / 16 bit, Coreaudio doesn’t offer that option. It only offers 24bit and higher.

So to test I change to matching bit rate manually on the PCX8, turn it off and then reboot everything. Then I can see sample rates all matching. However Wavelab then does not seem to receive any output from the PCX8.

So I check how the file Im playing from the PCX8 has reported its setting and ensure the fie, device, and Mac are all reporting the same. (in this case 24bit 48000).

But still no joy.

The manufacturer is trying to say it’s the software routing, but that doesn’t ring true.
So still hunting for a clear way to test.

The Tascam PortaCapture must be set in a mode where it accepts the sample rate requested by WaveLab.