Wavelab batch processing - cutting files


Is it possible to use the batch processing function to automatically cut several wav files (+100 wav files) after x (eg 2 seconds) seconds? → So that the song is 2 seconds shorter.


Yes, use this:

it works perfectly. Many Thanks

Sorry to hijack this thread. But is it also possible to batch trim wav files so ALL are, say 4sec from the beginning equal to all files (regardless of original length? E.g. working with sampling?
Not like this example , where you trim the end.

Best R

hello, that’s exactly how it was intended, but cut off x seconds at the end of batch processing. I’m very excited that it works. Best regards, thorsten


Yes it’s possible with the Trimmer tool Head,Tail or both
I think from 0s to 6 s aka 6000.00 ms correct me if I’m wrong…

regards S-EH

It seems that this tool will make the file x amount shorter, but not a specified length if the files varies… My piano samples varies from 3 to 15 sec, I need to make them all 6 seconds long from the start of each file. Maybe there is another tool to do that?

Yes there is, the auto split tool (that you can use on a batch of files)


Excellent! Thanks!

Skjermbilde 2022-02-09 kl. 21.06.07

I also found this :slight_smile:

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You’re right, I forgot it :wink:

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I use the the following in my batch to create an automatic preview file of 30s (the song preview is taken from the middle of the song and has fade IN and OUT).

Trimmer (Head 36000 - Tale 0)
Resizer (Duration 30000)
Fade In: (Shape: Linear - Duration 3s - Start Gain -144db)
Fade Out: (Shape: Linear -Duration 3s - End Gain -144db)
Dither 16 bit (I use Ozone)

Great tool to offer clients 30s previews as an extra mastering service (expecially for clients who have their own webshop (eg. for digital downloads).

I did come across a problem though. Some clients (with long songs) need a start time past the 60s (60000ms). Not sure why the Trimmer is limiting me to max head of 60s. Would be nice to have that extended (if its not a big deal to code).

It’s not possible to change this, but there is a very easy solution: add two trimmer plugins. This way, you can remove 2 times 60 sec :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip Philippe, I will give it a try!