Wavelab bug? Sample rate - clock

I use an external ADC (Prism) via AES/SPDIF to an RME hammerfal 9632. When I am capturing (recording) the mixes, and I open the record window, I can create a temporary file and I can pick the bit rate/sample rate for the resulting file. I am using external clock from the Prism as master, and RME as slave via SPDIF, same path as audio, in wavelab I am using the ASIO RME drivers, with input recording SPDIF.

All works just fine, but the strange part is (and I suppose) even if the clocked signal is 48Khz, i can easily change the format to 96Khz and still records just fine!! Wavelab should only allow to create a new recorded file to the sync’d sample rate form the converter clock, for example 48Khz if that is the master clock. right?

Is this a bug? is this how wavelab works? am I just saving double sized files? shouldn’t Wavelab prohibit recording at a different sample rate as the clocked source?

Thank you in advance!