WaveLab can open anything....

If i had a $ for every time someone bragged that WaveLab can play anything, I would have a decca tree of M49s.

Today a client brings .wav files that WaveLab would not open. Nor would Saracon. Nor would RX4 etcc.

Ultimately, I had to go to Windows 7 machine and Samplitude opened it. The files: 4-bit PCM wav at 48k SR.


This planet.
Gets stranger
by the day.

Many mobile phone and “voice modem” formats are 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-bit mono PCM at various odd sample rates … the formats are binary so there’s often no way to know what the encoding is by looking at a file, unless someone has already given it a specific extension as a clue (e.g. .G721, .G726, .GSM etc.). WaveLab won’t import these, and your audio interface almost certainly won’t be able to play them without conversion, so I use Awave Studio for such jobs.

I was gonna ask what a decca tree of m49s was, but then I remembered that google was my friend.

Thank you for the tip. I’m looking into Awave Studio right now.