Wavelab Cast limitation


I recently bought a Zoom H8 audio-recorder and the WaveLab Cast Software was included. Unfortunately I can only add 5 track in WL Cast, while I record up to 8 tracks with the H8.
Is there a way to upgrade the Software to use more then 5 tracks?


Do you mean is there some kind of add-on that would give you 3 more tracks? You could check on the Steinberg product site, but I haven’t seen one.

Yes, something like that. I liked the WL Cast Software, but the 5 Tracks limitation is a no-go for me. And WL Pro is way to expensive for my hobby project.
Unfortunately the WL Cast site doesn’t even tell you about the 5 track limitation. And since it came with the Zoom H8 I would have expected to at least support 8 tracks. :frowning:

Just about all of the suggestions I have would involve your spending more money. Sorry about that.

Well, I’m happy to pay for a product, just not the 500 bucks for pro. And WL Elements only offers 3 tracks although it’s more expensive than WL Cast.
Bit pointless to bundle the WL Cast Software with an audio device that records 8 to 12 tracks when there is no way to use more than 5. But I guess that’s more on Zoom’s side than on Steinberg…
Guess I have to stick with Audacity…