Wavelab cast popping, clicking--windows 10 issue?

Maybe a bit of help here. I bought two mic pacs that came with the wavelab cast software. On a comp with an older version of windows it works (had a few stutters here and there, but overall I’m quite happy with it). However, on a new HP gaming laptop with windows 10 I’ve run into problems. The recoding is fine–no clicks or pops–but as soon as I put it into wavelab cast I have clicks and pops galore and maybe even clipping.

So is there a compatibility issue? And if there is (which would be quite a drag), are there updates to fix this? I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing, and the problem is still there.


Still no help here? I have this downloaded on a previous Windows version with zero issues. Works great. But on Windows 10 recordings wind up full of pops and clicks, yet the same recordings work on the software when used on a comp with an earlier Windows. Any advice here?

All I can say is, playing 24/48 wav files line-recorded on a DN-900R on WLCast has produced no issues whatever. Even applied VST effects haven’t caused any problems.

If you have a bank of VST effects running while you play your files in WLCast, shut them off and see what happens.

Thanks for answering. Hmmm. It’s very strange. I thought maybe it’s a Windows 10 bug or some update is needed. It doesn’t pop on music that I upload as background, but actually on the voice recordings made through the Zoom setup. But those same voice tracks are fine on the software on a different comp (older Windows).

It’s possible the Zoom files have coding errors; they might play on one program OK, but not on others. I had to deal with that problem fairly recently. I finally ended up deleting the program that was causing the coding glitches (and the damaged files, unfortunately).

T + 1 week? I’ve put you on my ‘ignore’ list. I obviously shouldn’t have bothered responding in the first place.

Sorry I didn’t respond, but I actually was going in and trying to find a program that was causing glitches, and that doesn’t seem to work. The problem is that when I record voice (for a podcast) and then upload to wavelab on one comp it works fine–so probably no glitches. When I upload onto a second comp with a wavelab I get the horrible clicking and noise sounds. The second comp is a new HP laptop with Windows 10, and I was hoping there was an update either for Wavelab or Windows 10 that would solve this, but I guess there isn’t. Or maybe it’s the HP, but everything else works. If anyone has had a similar prob with Windows 10, please let me know.
Again, sorry for the slow response, but between two day jobs, podcasts, family and trying to fix this issue, I just didn’t have time to get back. Also, I didn’t realize you were waiting for a response.