WaveLab Cast & Rodecaster Pro

Dear forum members. I´m trying to configure WabeLab Cast with the Rodecaster Pro and I can´t find the way to a correct config. Could you help me?

I guess you are speaking about audio connections? Did you look at the wm preferences for this?

Hello. Yes, I have connected the unit (RodeCasterPro) by Usb port and go to preferences in WL, but the software didn´t recognice the RodeCaster. In other software like Audition, Sound Forge, etc… I have no problem. :frowning:

There is a driver called “Generic Low Latency Driver”. Select this one.

Yes, I´ve tryed this one. But only recognize the onboard audio device (Realtek) in my MSI Prestige notebook. But I´ve tryed using the FL ASIO DRIVER installed and works!

ASIO is what you should use, when you can.
What is exactly “FL” in the term “FL ASIO DRIVER” ?

It´s a Fruity loops studio driver installed with the program.
Yes, I know I have to use the Asio4All driver… but doesn´t work. :frowning:

No, you don’t have to. This is a wrapper driver, not a native wrapper. It is always better to use a native driver (one done for the device)

I´ve used the Rode Asio Driver and still the same. :frowning: