Wavelab Cast - upgrades

Hello there, I own already the wavelab license for many years meanwhile version 10, and I will upgrade to version 11 soon.
However, I would love to use WaveLab Cast as well. But I do not want to buy an LE or a full version.
Why is it not possible to buy and use the upgrade version of WaveLab Cast from WaveLab Pro??
As for the moment with all LE versions of WaveLab it is possible.
Could this be changed please?
Appreciating your reply.

Thanks a lot
Thomas Flacke

Since you will upgrade to version 11 soon, and since WaveLab 11 has all the features of the Cast version, where is the problem?

as for me, there is no problem, but another family member of mine would love to use WaveLab Cast and does not need WaveLab Pro with its full functionality.

T. Flacke