Wavelab & CC121

From what I’ve read, the 7.2 update should have made the cc121 and other Steinberg controllers compatible out of the box. It seems that only a few buttons do anything, and more importantly, the AI doesn’t work nor can you control 3rd party VST3 plugins.

I master in Wavelab nearly exclusively and at this point, I absolutely must have physical knobology to control my EQ and Compression which are almost 100% 3rd party. Any suggestions?

Also, I read that the Jog Wheel on the MC TRansport (which I have) works in Cubase but I can’t seem to figure out how to assign the wheel in wave lab. Heeeeelp!

I moved more and more into the box, but now I want out because I am mouse-frusrated.

AI button works for sure. And you can control any vst3 plugin that supports the remote control protocol. Please check the wavelab doc.