wavelab corrupts AIFF headers

This has been a big problem for me in wavelab 7 and I just downloaded the wavelab 8.5 demo hoping it might be fixed but it’s still there. If I work on an AIFF file in wavelab and save it, the gain field of the header will show insane things like 128dB. The numbers are random, but they’re always positive and they’re always high. If I forget to change them and throw one of these files into a sampler - Halion 5, for insance - it’s not a pretty moment when the sample plays back at +12dB. I should just be thankful that Halion maxes out at +12 or things would be even worse.

I use wavelab a lot for sample editing, etc., but this bug is a total workflow killer. I have to make sure I put all wavelab edited files in Sample Manager and fix the broken header info before I use the files anywhere else. None of my other applications mangle the header like this. I should be able to confidently save files and know that whatever header info is already there remains intact.

I’m ready to upgrade, but I need to know this bug is fixed…

Hmm, please give me more details. I am not aware of a problem, and I just saved an AIFF to see, and I see nothing wrong (at first sight). Please upload here a small ‘bad’ file.


First of all, let me refer you to this post from 2012 regarding this exact issue:


The ball was left in your court at the end but then there was never a followup.

Here’s a screenshot of two files shown in Sample Manager. The first is the file before wavelab has touched it:
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.02.08 PM.png
And here’s the same file after doing a small edit and then saving from wavelab:
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.02.29 PM.png
Here are the files:
wl aiff error files.zip (129 KB)

How do you save the AIFF file from WaveLab? (what exact procedure?)
What software do you use to display the gain?

Just putting an AIFF file into Wavelab, doing a quick edit and either using Save or Save As will change the gain value.

The program I used to see the value change is this one:


Halion 5 doesn’t show values above +12, but whenever I see a large gain change in Sample Manager, I get a +12 bump as soon as I map one of these samples, so I’m sure the values SM show are correct. Plus, gain values below +12 are always displayed identically in both H5 and SM.

I have found and corrected a problem. I am not 100% sure it’s the same than yours, but there is a good chance. This fix will be included in 8.5.20

Thanks PG. Will the demo be updated as well so that I can check it?

It’s the same version. Only the activation key differs.