Wavelab - crash to desktop

Win10, UR44 interface, WL 10.0.50

  1. opened new 2-track 44.1khz montage
  2. created video track, dragged in video file
  3. received warning of sample rate mismatch, dismissed that dialog with ‘No’
  4. video imported; audio didn’t - fine, expected result.
  5. changed my mind; wanted to work with the videos embedded audio after all, so closed montage without saving.
  6. opened new 2-track 44.1khz montage
  7. added video track; changed sample rate to 48khz (audio montage properties, bottom right-hand corner)
  8. Got ‘busy’ cursor for a second or two, then app disappeared - taken straight to desktop.

Nothing special about the video file or embedded audio (MP4, AVC codec, 600x600 MOV, 25fps, 48khz stereo audio stream)

Cannot reproduce after re-launching WL (and repeating the whole process), but maybe there is still something useful to look at/examine in the crash-dump.

[EDIT - file attachment now removed]

Thanks for the report. This is a (recently) known issue. For the time being, just use a montage with the right sample rate from the start.