Wavelab Crashes - Delete selected range on all tracks

I’ve installed the latest Wavelab a few weeks ago and it was working ok for the first week, but now it crashes constantly.
I’m working in Montage Screen editing a podcast with 3 voice tracks, with a music and insert track.

I thought it might be the RX 10 plugins that I had on the tracks, so I’ve removed all 3rd party plugins and do have a couple inbuilt effects running from the clean/enhance section.

I only installed 2 weeks ago on a fresh install. I’m running it on a mac mini, 16gb, plenty of space.
Before I do a complete uninstall/install process, does anyone have any advise?


What version of WaveLab? And what editing action is exactly causing the problem?

HI PG1, I’m using the latest Wavelab 11.1.2. It started happening when I was using the action ‘Delete selected range on all tracks’ which I have a shortcut key command. Then I’ve also noticed it happening when I’m moving multiple tracks around.

I do have a crash report, but I can’t upload it.

Use wetransfer.com

Thanks, but I need the format with the .crash file extension.
The RTF format you send is not exploitable because of the text reflow.

How do I create a crash report. When Wavelab crashes, it completely shuts down and I get a pop up window from the mac os. There’s no option to save it, so I copied the text and put in in the txt doc.

Can you please explain the best procedure or direct me do the page in the manual, because I can’t find it in there.

Here’s a screen shot: Dropbox - Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 2.46.56 pm.png - Simplify your life

Thanks, for this is not a picture a file that is needed. When a crash happens, OSX proposes you to save a file. This is what is needed.

Hey PG, when wavelab crashes, the only window that appears is what’s in the screenshot.

You might find the crash log there:
Finder > Go > Application > Utilities > Console.app
Then see “Crash Logs” on the left.

Thank you, I got to the crash reports and found the wavelab reports there.

The file is an .ips - I hope this one os ok. I looked through the other areas in console, but couldn’t find anything that ended in .crash.

Let me know if this is what you need.

Thanks, this is what I needed. I will be able to use this file to investigate further.

I think I found the problem.
I think one of these two options is activated. And the bug is there. If you deactivate them, you should be safe until the next WaveLab update.

‘Snap to Wavefrom When Crossfading’ was selected.
I’ve deactivated it and did a quick test and all seems to be going ok. If the problem persists I’ll let you know.
Thank you very much, I appreciate your patience.