WaveLab Crashes / Plugin Missing / Project cannot be openes


I have an issue with WaveLab crashing because of a missing Ozone 9 vst (WL 11.2 on Win 11).

I updated from Ozone 9 to 10 Advanced / Professional recently, which probably removed the Ozone 9 VST and now when I try to open any montage project that uses the old Ozone 9 Plugin, Wavelab crashes with fatal error on startup.

It seems Wavelab for some reason does not deactivate the missing plugin automatically and fails to open the remaining project without attempting to load the VST? There is also no prompt to ask me to skip the VST from loading? It simply shows the fatal error message as per screenshot and then crashes.

This is a real issue for me: It means I cannot load any of my montage projects that use the old Ozone 9 VST (which I used on most of my projects for Dithering and / or limiting). Does this mean all my recent Montage projects using Ozone 9 are now lost and cannot be opened any longer?


The error message you show, is not from WaveLab. My guess is that Ozone-9 is still installed (found by WaveLab), but partially uninstalled, hence can’t be loaded.
Fully removing the Ozone 9 should be the solution.

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