Wavelab crashes right after loading

Get the message right after Wavelab loaded; ‘Wavelab stopped working’.
Tried to load again by moving the VST folder, but got exactly the same problem.

I need this to be fixed fast as I have projects going on.

Windows 8.1 64-bit
Wavelab 8.5.3 64-bit

This is really not good enough!

The first time that it white screened … was there a plugin that obviously contributed?

If so, and you have re-load master section plugs on relaunch selected … this will produce this.

If you know the plug concerned, try uninstalling just that plug temporarily.

Start with Control key pressed, to prevent restoring the last stuff.

Doesn’t do nothing for me. I get a dialog to start with 4 different window layouts. I pick one like “Last session with no files” and it immediately crashes.


Didn’t work for me either.
This is really not good enough!
WL is supposed to be a professional audio editing software.
I got Cubase, Maschine and Ableton loading on the same system with no problems.

How is Sound Forge in comparision?

I can reproduce the problem here now. This is very preliminary info, but:

  • This is caused by a recent Windows 10 update, of the Microsoft OneDrive component.
  • This happens only with WaveLab 64 bit.

Some quick work around:

  • Use the 32 bit version of WaveLab
  • if the 64 bit is important for you, do this:
  1. Run WaveLab in 32 bit
  2. Close the File browser window in all the workspaces that you use. Quit.
  3. Run WaveLab 64 bit again.

Tell me if that works for you, for the time being.

The origin of the problem is this: the Microsoft OneDrive system causes the crash when WaveLab tries to get the icon for its file browser window.

A WaveLab patch will hopefully be provided soon to bypass this problem.