WaveLab Crashes when switching Protools Session


I have had this problems for a couple of years. When quitting or changing a Pro Tools session WL crashes. Not every time but a couple of times a day.
I have the latest Wl installed and my computer is imacpro 3,2 GHz Intel Xeon W 32GB memory (macOs High Sierra). Same thing also happened with earlier 9.x versions on an imac i5 macOs Sierra. Is there a crash report made automatically? Protools version is 2018.4.0.

Thanks in advance,

Chartmakers Mastering

So you have WaveLab open in the background while working in Pro Tools? Is there a reason for that such as playing out of Pro Tools through analog gear and capturing in WaveLab?

Does the crash happen when Pro Tools has to change the sample rate of a shared audio device with WaveLab?

On Mac you can find crash reports here:

Library/Mac HD/Users/username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports

In the WaveLab preferences you can turn on additional diagnostics reporting for the crash reports if needed.


I do the capturing in Pro Tools also, just compiling in Wavelab and using the same audio files folder from the Pro Tools Session.
Always same samplerates and Wavelab is Idle with nothing going on when it crashes. Not sharing audio device.
Thanks for the crash report info, I will check it out.



I see. I also play/capture with another DAW besides WaveLab but I never keep WaveLab open when doing this. I do all the play/capture work and then close that DAW and then launch WaveLab.

Next time I’m working though I can keep WaveLab open and idle as a test and see what happens.

I record in WL from mixing sessions in Cubase on the same PC all the time (going through digital and analog outboard gear), with both programs open and sharing the same audio device. So no issue (for me) in Windows 10…

I should add that there have been times when finalizing in WaveLab I have to reopen my play/capture DAW to tweak something and I’m pretty sure I have had both apps open at the same time, and they would be sharing the same RME AES interface.

Maybe your crash reports can tell PG something.