Wavelab Crashes with Loaded Montage Win 7 64bit

I’m doing a mastering project with files from many sources, most of which are from old analog tape and need lots of noise reduction.

So there are 17 songs and all of them are loaded with Waves plugins - Lin Broadband EQ, Z-Noise, L2 Maximizer, etc.

When I tell WL to burn the CD (rendering to disk first) and click go, it crashes every time. No rendering dialog or anything else appears, just after a few seconds, the program crashes.

So, I tried this on my MacBook Pro and it burns fine.

Is my Intel Quad Core just not up to the task of all of these plugins?

Is there any recommended optimizations or WL settings that might improve my chances of success?


On your successful machine, do you burn the exact same montage?

Yes, the exact same Montage copied from the other machine.