Wavelab Deesser in Cubase?


does anybody know, if there will be the same deesser in Cubase/OSX?
I know, I have SPL deesser, but it is only running with VST bridge and thats not the best way.

Thanks, Mike

Personally, rather than leave a CPU guzzling VST running all the time, possibly altering a whole lot of non-problematic sections, I ‘fix’ each ‘ssssss’ permanently.

I found that what is annoying is that the sound becomes louder and then subsides. If the maximum level of the sound is limited to about a 1/3 to 1/2 of its original maximum level (ends up looking like a mesa), the sound is not annoying and sounds natural. I just made an Envelope preset with a curved dip in its middle to do the job. Once done, it never needs attention again.

The other problem I ‘fix’ permanently is plosives. They are a little more tricky, as the problem is that it requires applying a fade in that minimises that portion that contains the undulating waveform shape. The stereo soundstage actually feels like being in an airplane or boat that is rocking from side to side. Fortunately, it is strongest at the very start of the ‘p’ and fairly quickly stops rocking the boat. After processing with an Envelope, the ‘p’ sounds natural without any overpowering artifacts. Again, never needs attention or any more CPU cycles, ever.