WaveLab does not open after Nuendo 12 upgrade

WaveLab does not open after Nuendo 12 upgrade. This happens even after Nuendo is closed. Waves Logo appear for a fraction of a second and nothing happens.

After a restart WL opens up if No other Steinberg products are open.

Anyone with same problem?


Mac or Windows? Did you try restarting your computer?

Thanks for the reply. Windows… Yes I did restart Several times… After each restart WL works fine. This happens when first I open Nuendo and after WL…

While Nuendo is still running?

I have Nuendo 12 (just upgraded) the current version of WL 11 and have WL 9.5 still installed.

Everything is running as it should.

Maybe check your Steinberg dongle and see what it says. My dongle now reads ‘Nuendo 11 (upgraded to Nuendo 12 with Steinberg Licensing)’ and has the WL 11 Pro as well.

Also check your eLicenser Control Centre is running the current version (it should be if you have just upgraded Nuendo).

One other fix is to remove the Steinberg dongle and restart the machine without it. Then re-insert the dongle and launch WL. I learnt this from the notoriously flaky Aladdin dongle for Weiss.

Thank you both. It looks like I was not running Nuendo as an administrator. With both software running a administrator, I managed to use them together with no problem.


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