wavelab effects question

Hi, am new to WL, I tried to use reverb, hit render and it does that but didn’t like it but can’t figure out how to undo the effect. Like in Audacity the undo is right inside edit but I see no such thing on WL. So how do I undo an effect I don’t like where I want to try a different setting and such? Thank you and welcome any response! Don AKA Sonhouse1

Hello. Welcome to WaveLab.

I think more info is needed but this is a good case for using the audio montage, where nothing is destructive.

  1. Create A New Montage

  2. Load In The Song To Work On

  3. Use Clip Effects (or montage output FX) to get the sound you want.

  4. Render A New File with the FX

  5. If you change your mind, you just change the FX running live in the montage and render again.

All FX in the montage are saved with the .mon file so it’s easy to do this.

You can also use the edit window and press CTRL - Z and it will undo the rendering. No need to use Montage.

Ok, thanks for that, will try it.