wavelab elem 7 and Waves L2 V9


I’m sure that I’ll retrieve it but I dopn’t know why I can’t …
I added in Plug-ins folder : C\Program File\Common Files\VST3 where the waveshell_9 is but wavelab doesn’t
find the L2 ultramaximizer …

Hello, here no problem with REDD V9 on Elements 64. Try and specify the folder in the VST preferences, or run again the on-line installer to “repair” your previous install. And/or check the plug-in ORGANISATION, make sure L2 is selected for Post and/or Effect.

Could you tell me what folder did you give to wavelab for the REDD ?

This is the folder, on Win8 64 bit.
VST folder.png

Didn’t work here …
I have only 2 VST from V9 : One knob Louder and L2, Louder is regognized by wavelab but not L2 …

(V9r7) :frowning:

It was that ! Thank you very much it was in post but not in effect I checked the box and it works !!!