WaveLab Element 10 as playback software

Friends, I downloaded WaveLab Element 10 and played some FLAC songs through it and am astonished to find how good this is. Playing songs through this is far far better than playing them on freely available softwares.

Since a good amount of my listening is also from Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music, I wanted to find out of there is anyway I can route music/data from these services through WaveLab? If not WaveLab (to attain same high level of rendering), any other tool of same quality that can let me do this?

Please help.

Maybe WaveLab uses another device driver than your player (check the WaveLab preferences).
But WaveLab by itself doesn’t change the sound (unless you add plugins, of course).

Thanks, PG1, but my question is different. Now that I have WaveLab on my PC, when I play a song in Spotify, is there a way I can route it through WaveLab Element?

Alternatively, what I am trying to find out is if the way we can open a say FLAC file in WaveLab, is there a plugin or something that will let me listen Spotify in WaveLab?

It sounds like what you need is something in Spotify that would allow you to use WLE as some sort of auxiliary playback platform. Don’t know if Spotify supports anything like that.

Thank you, Poinzy.

Mine would be probably most irrelevant requirement but I am so impressed by WaveLab’s rendition that I am anticipating positively that there is a way to do this.

Basically, I like to route audio from anything played on my PC via WaveLab Element. Or for that matter, if there is any other tool from Steinberg, I am willing to explore but it has to be from Steinberg :).

Unless the ability to import from Spotify is explicated in the WLE owner’s manual… just saying.