Wavelab Element 9.5 noob

Hi, I am Cubase user since 2011 and I just bought Wavelab Element 9.5
Is it possible after i sliced an audio track in several regions (ex: 4 regions) to export those regions in one go?
Is it possible to create a file / folder of Wavelab, much like a file / folder of cubase cpr?
Basically my workflow is: slicing an audio track in several regions, rename them then export them in one stroke. Is wavelab Element 9.5 allow me?

No, only in Pro. In Elements you can only export/render the regions/“cd tracks” to separate files one at a time.

Ouch, painful. That is what it looked like to me too but I haven’t invested much time in exploring Elements.

Elements seem to be maybe too limited, maybe a WaveLab mid-level version is needed? Or make Elements more usable and maybe $150? When my students ask about WaveLab Elements, I usually tell them that honestly, for album mastering stuff, you’d be better off getting the HOFA program which has other limitations like plugins that can be used, but it at least does the final master exporting, metadata, DDP etc. better than Elements.

I can’t imagine how Elements is used much in the daily pro environment.

And the “clips act as cd tracks” in Elements for CD burning doesn’t apply to rendering those same “cd tracks”. You have to manually place Region markers around the “tracks” in order to render those regions. No CD Wizard like in Pro.