Wavelab Element 9 won't play file

I press play and it doesn’t play the wave file.

Noone can help you with such a description. What type of wave file? What type of soundcard - and its settings? Do you get a message from Wavelab, etc??

I take a music wave file created on Cubase 7 and open it on Wavelab 9. I press play from the transport bar to listen to it but nothing happens. There is no play bar or cursor moving across the wave file indicating that there is play movement either. There is no message prompt box indicating error or anything like that.

Since I don’t have any problems with Cubase, is there possibly some settings in Wavelab I need to adjust, or may be it didn’t download correctly? I just bought it from Sweetwater direct download.

My system has ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver/SoundMax Itegrated Digital HD Audio Driver

My guess is that you didn’t configure the VST audio correctly in Wavelab. From File > Preferences > VST Audio Connections, see what your settings for playback are and adjust accordingly.

Another possibility is that Cubase doesn’t release the driver for WL…