Wavelab Elements 10 Not rendering

When i press render the progress bar flashes across really quickly and the resultant file has not been renedered. It is exactly the same as the source file.

Are certain the effects are activated when you press “render”?

Yep !
If i play the file through everything is OK.
Everything works apart from render.
This is the same for render in place or a new file

And without plugins?

It’s as if it’s ignoring the izotope plug in.
It does the same whether there’s plug ins or not.
Instead of taking a few seconds to process it does in a milli second also.

If there is no plugin at all, same problem?

Yes. Same problem

Seems to be OK with Steinberg Plug ins
I’ll re install the izotope.
Many Thanks for your help, I have to go now.
Have a good evening.

Well, it seems some ozone 9 plugins rander and some don’t.
Haven’t got a clue why